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Poster: guydgazit Date: Sep 18, 2013 9:59pm
Forum: forums Subject: In need of assistance with a webpage...

Hello everyone...
I have a question, which hopefully anyone has the knowledge to answer.
About two years ago, or so, I had a custom built website designed and programmed for me by a professional and well known company, for which I have paid a very large sum of money.
It took them about a year of dilly-dallying until finally they were done, and I was fairly pleased with the outcome.
The owner of the company tried to persuade me not to host my new web page on a server that I already purchased, but rather store it on their own servers, and of course, pay an additional absurd amount of money. I refused, and the guy gave me a CD with my website on it, and bid me good luck...

I had no luck - I couldn't load the website onto the server, as it was encoded, or encrypted...

When I asked the guy about it he replied - oh, yes... if you want me to install it on your server, I will gladly do it for an additional payment.

I left the place furious, feeling as if I'm being blackmailed.

a disgruntled former employee of that company was nice enough to try hack into the website, and even managed to de-crypt the code, but wasn't successful in installing it on my server.

the people whose server I'm paying for have no idea what to do...

Does anyone have an idea?
If anyone manages to crack my website and put it up on my server, I am willing to pay them as much as twice what the blackmailer originally wants. Just for the principle of not succumbing to blackmail.

many thanks in advance,

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Poster: aibek Date: Sep 19, 2013 5:48am
Forum: forums Subject: Re: In need of assistance with a webpage...

The Internet Archive forum is hardly the place to discuss these issues!

You may try asking your question on the linked forum. Try, first, the ‘Online Business Forum’ there.

When posting there, please mention more details, in particular, what is the server you are using and what have you got after “de-crypting the code”. Further, you would have more credibility if you named the company. (Before posting, you may try searching for the name of the company on the v7n forum to see if someone else has reported a similar problem, and how he/she resolved it.) Good luck!

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Poster: guydgazit Date: Sep 23, 2013 7:22pm
Forum: forums Subject: Re: In need of assistance with a webpage...

Thank you very much!